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Pencils At The Pavilion

Pencils At The Pavilion

Last weekend, Frome Sketchers visited Hauser & Wirth Somerset, a brave and bold addition to Iwan Wirth and Manuela Hauser’s stable of international art galleries. What’s different about this venture, however, is the breadth of the couple’s vision. Not only is the art as contemporary and provocative as you would expect, but there’s an education outreach centre, a six bedroom farmhouse where you can stay, a truly excellent bar and grill serving locally-sourced food and award-winning, beautifully landscaped grounds, at the tip of which is the 14th Serpentine Pavilion, dismantled in London and reassembled here, just outside Bruton – a Somerset market town, previously best known for its plethora of private schools. Hauser & Wirth Somerset is private, too, but it’s all open to the public in a bid to enthuse as many people as possible about the value of the visual arts.

Special thanks go to Head of Education, Debbie Hillyerd, for making us all so welcome and to the Roth Bar and Grill for the delicious sandwiches!

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Frome Sketchers will convene again during the Frome Festival in July and later in the year at Moons Hill Quarry near Stoke St Michael. To learn more, click here!

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