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No Brush Necessary?

“What’s painting? I’d use a hammer and a chisel if I had to.” Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980)

Conventional watercolour wisdom has it that the best way to get paint onto paper is with a brush – and preferably, a nice expensive sable, at that! As a consequence, watercolour artists have been floundering over their flat washes, struggling with unwanted streaks and back-runs and despairing over their dull colours for centuries. In this one day course, we look at an alternative approach to landscape painting that will not only loosen us up, but give our paintings the atmosphere and authority we’ve always wanted, whilst by-passing all those traditional niggles. It may sound too good to be true, but with the business of getting paint onto paper resolved, we will be free to focus on those elements of picture-making for which there is no short-cut: colour, tone, proportion and composition.

This informal, one day workshop is suitable for all abilities (two dates available).

Three Ways To Paint An Abstract

Abstract art may be over one hundred years old as a genre, but it can still baffle and provoke as much as it intrigues and excites. This one day, practical course in acrylics demystifies the art form by looking at the fundamentals of all painting from an art historical perspective, before guiding participants through the creation of three very different abstract works. Suitable for all abilities and attitudes (from doubters to the plain curious), this course is for anyone who wishes to gain more confidence with their colours as well as their brushwork, whatever their preferred genre. Throughout the day, David will demonstrate technics and provide hands-on help and support.

All comers are welcome, although absolute beginners may find some concepts challenging.

Two Ways To Paint A Watercolour

Where does the rainbow go when we try to put it onto the paper? Why do all those lovely colours, that look so bright in our box, turn to mud the moment we set to work? In this practical, one-day course, we look briefly at the science behind the problem before exploring two different colour concepts that will help us gain control of our paintbox. Many of us will have heard of the concept of colour harmony and the rule of simultaneous contrast, but perhaps have never applied them to our art, because we didn’t know how. With examples from the Tate Archive, David will demonstrate how these principles can be put in practise to give our work the brightness and vibrancy we’ve always wanted.

All comers are welcome, but absolute beginners in watercolour will experience a steep learning curve.


PatD distant-dillington

Set in beautiful grounds with more than forty bedrooms, both old and new, Dillington House is a great place to extend your stay. Evening meals and breakfasts are first class, too.


Dillington House
Somerset TA19 9DT

No Brush Necessary?
Tuesday 19 November 2019
09:45 – 16:00

Tuesday 5 May 2020
09:45 – 16:00

Three Ways To Paint An Abstract
Saturday 29 February 2020
09:45 – 16:00

Two Ways To Paint A Watercolour
Saturday 14 March 2020
09:45 – 16:00

Cost: £56:00 (includes refreshments and three course buffet lunch)


More info and booking for these courses is available on the Dillington House website.

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