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One Day Courses at Dillington House in 2022

A New Point Of View (the work of Peter Lanyon)

“I want to show what I know and what I feel. Not just what I see.” Peter Lanyon (1918-1964)

Before it can be painted, the landscape must be experienced and that is why many innovative landscape artists are adventurers too, immersing themselves in different climates, geologies and cultures in order to discover new forms, a fresh palette or even a novel way of working. It’s why Towne climbed mountains in Switzerland, Turner lashed himself to a ship’s mast in a storm and Ravilious attempted a perilous journey to Iceland. That all-too-elusive masterpiece is always somewhere over the next horizon…

Two Ways To Paint A Watercolour

Where does the rainbow go when we try to put it onto the paper? Why do all those lovely colours, that look so bright in our box, turn to mud the moment we set to work? And why are so many watercolours so wishy-washy? In this practical, one-day course, we look briefly at the science behind the problem and with examples from the Tate’s watercolour collection, explore two different concepts that will help us gain control of our paintbox and put the colour back into our work.

Dot & Speck & Dash & Dab (the work of Eric Ravilious)

The watercolour landscapes of Eric Ravilious are admired, not only for their clarity, composition and design, but also for their captivating, otherworldly light. How did he achieve it? In this one day course, we study the technique of this singular twentieth century artist, discover a little more about the importance of composition and design in our work and learn how to create texture, describe contour and evoke atmosphere like a twentieth century master.

3 Into 2 Do Go!

For any artist who is intrigued by abstraction but isn’t sure how to go about it, this course offers a novel and stimulating approach to the genre, often employed by the great Cornish artist, Peter Lanyon who created sculptures purely for his own private use in order to push the boundaries of his mark-making. In this one day workshop, you will be inspired to create forms, colours and textures in your two dimensional work that you never thought possible by first working in three!

Won’t Draw, Can’t Paint!

Drawing isn’t a gift, granted to some but not others; it’s a skill that can be acquired by anyone with reasonable hand/eye co-ordination and a determination to improve. It’s also essential if you want to achieve the same fluency and ease in your work that is so admired in the paintings of the masters. In this one-day course, we look at the essential elements of drawing practise that will give your work the authority you desire the next time you pick up a paintbrush.

Please note: in order to protect you and everyone who works at Dillington House, social distancing measures will be in place throughout the day and the wearing of facemasks or coverings is mandatory when moving about the site.


PatD distant-dillington

Set in beautiful grounds with more than forty bedrooms, both old and new, Dillington House is a great place to extend your stay. Evening meals and breakfasts are first class, too.

Comments from Give The Paint A Chance (03/09/2020):

It was great to be back! Super course. Lovely lunch. Dillington really looked after us- as it usually does!

An excellent class, really enthralling and so well supported by the Dillington House staff. Lovely lunch!

A superb setting really well looked after. A challenging, but very enjoyable day. Thank you.

Delicious food, excellent teaching – new approach to art.

Excellent course with David as usual. Staff cared for us very well.

Really enjoyed the course, very informative and challenging for me. Excellent catering.

What a joy it was to meet up with David again who I met on a course for Art in Tuscany in fact I went twice. He is so inspirational devoted to his Art and inspires you to work hard. This particular course was very challenging, I learnt a lot. I shall do my best to join him again.


Dillington House
Somerset TA19 9DT


A New Point Of View (1 Day)
Saturday 8 January 2022
09:45 – 16:00 SOLD OUT

Two Ways To Paint A Watercolour (1 Day)
Friday 13 May 2022
09:45 – 16:00

Dot & Speck & Dash & Dab (1 Day)
Monday 22 June 2022
09:45 – 16:00

3 Into 2 Do Go! (1 Day)
Monday 19 September 2022
09:45 – 16:00

Won’t Draw, Can’t Paint! (1 Day)
Friday 11 November 2022
09:45 – 16:00

Cost: £60:00 (includes refreshments and lunch)

For more info and to book any of these courses, please visit the Dillington House website.

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