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Sculpting With Colour

"Le plaisir delicieux et toujours nouveau d'un occupation inutile."* I'm very fond of this quotation from Henri de Régnier, which Maurice Ravel inscribed on the title page of his score for Valses Nobles et Sentimentales. The composer may have been satirising…

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Back To Life?

Contemplating the return to real life classes With the support of many of my students and with the help of  Zoom, Google Classroom, a new iPhone, iPad and Mac, I've been able to continue teaching throughout the pandemic. We've pretty well covered…

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Come to T with me!

  On Watercolour A to Z, our online journey through the watercolour alphabet, we looked at how to describe the form of an object using just two colours (A), then with three or four more, allowed them to bloom and flow freely…

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Landscape Heavy?

Within a few days of publication, my book, Tate: Master Watercolour, was named 'Book of the Month' by Artists & Illustrators magazine. I was delighted, of course, but that quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered that the first precious sentence of…

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Master Watercolour

Master Watercolour is a practical book project that began in September 2018 and took me more than a year to complete. My first task was to look through the entire Tate Gallery collection for works in watercolour that I believed…

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In the frog house!

Many years ago, my mum bought a frog. Not a real one, but a wall-eyed, green and black-striped, purple-bellied beanbag frog, which (when my brothers and I weren't hurling it at one another), took up semi-permanent residence on the sofa.…

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