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“I think that painting today is pure intuition and luck.”

Francis Bacon on Matthew Smith (1909-1992)

For most of us, our relationship with art begins with a line. We take a pencil or a crayon and delineate our idea. In our enthusiasm, we may even attempt to colour it in. In the experience of many, that attempt leads only to disappointment. We know that a painting is more than just a coloured-in drawing, but how do we do it? What exactly is the difference?

This ten week course explores the gulf between drawing and painting and then seeks to provide a bridge between the two disciplines. Beginning with simple pencil studies, we will then develop our work in both charcoal and ink, gaining confidence in our abilities, before embarking on five weeks of painting in bold colour.

Topics will include:
    • Mark-making
    • Line, measurement and proportion
    • Perspective
    • Tonal value
    • Notān
    • Colour: theory and mixing
Qualify for 10% discount on art materials at selected retailers when you attend your first session!


Claverton Down Community Hall
Claverton Down Road

Wednesdays 16:30 – 18:00
commencing 21 February for 6 weeks

Sessions: 6 x 1.5 hour sessions

Cost: £60
David regrets that he cannot accept pro rata payments.

N.B. new course begins 18 April 2018


You can book online quickly and easily using either a debit/credit card or PayPal. For alternative payment methods, please contact David.

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