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David Chandler StAgnesBeacon(after Dufy)

Apple Pear Pot 1

David Chandler-Camino.Santander

After Georgia 0012

Frome 4218

Heartbreak over Edinburgh


Red Digger


Apples 0133


Eggshell 1

Dog Skull 0006

Colin’s Boots

Brown Shoes

City of E 3

Charente 0304

Charente 0219

Mendip Study 2

Charente 0159

Cumberland 1

Coast 3203

Chapel of the Olives

Cockerel 4026

Poppies 0435

Charente Pigeonniere

David Chandler-stagnes_beacon(web)

David Chandler broadoak_lane(web)

David Chandler-SantaMaria(after Klee)

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