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Life Is Short, Art Is Long And Lunch Is Even Longer!

Life Is Short, Art Is Long And Lunch Is Even Longer!

I’ve just returned from seven fantastic days at Studio Paradiso in a secret location, beyond Carrara, where every town and village perches on its own wooded slope and Michelangelo’s white marble gleams like snow on the mountains.

Temperatures in the mid to high thirties didn’t stop our dedicated group of painters from scouring every inch of the villa’s garden for inspiration or combing the tiny hilltop hamlet upon the other side of its big front doors.

Long lunches, longer siestas and the occasional plunge in the pool were the best ways to cope with the heat. Then, as the shadows lengthened, the pencils and paintbrushes would come out once again, until supper was laid upon the long table on the terrace and fireflies danced among the olive trees.

If you’d like to join me for another week of painting at Studio Paradiso this September, click here. I can’t guarantee the fireflies but I can assure you of inspirational views, convivial company and great cuisine.

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Pictures courtesy of Pete Dawson

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