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“Art is not a hobby, it is a life skill; as necessary and as mind-expanding as reading, writing and arithmetic. Through drawing, painting and making of any kind, we become more intimate with the world around us, because the first part of the process is learning to see, not only with our eyes but with our minds.”

David Chandler

During the pandemic, most of David’s on-line art courses were free.
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Art Classes

Joining a class entitles you to 10% off art materials at selected retailers!

Art Holidays

Pack up your paints and paper and join David for an art adventure! Painting holidays…

Artist Mentoring

Not sure which way to take your work? Need a critique or advice with technique? David is happy to provide one-to-one tutoring and mentoring.

The Book

Tate: Master Watercolour is a practical book project that began in September 2018 and took…

From the Blog…

An Enchanted Eye and Hand

The last six lessons of my online course, Watercolour A to Z, began with the letter U and that fundamental technique of art practise, the underpainting. In watercolour, there's no…

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Still life, still important

  ‘With an apple, I shall astonish Paris.’ Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) I received an email with a link to a Guardian article, the other day, entitled, ‘Nobody has ever been…

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Life, Death and Art

You may have heard of the Pitmen Painters. In 2007, Lee Hall’s play made them quite famous, both in the UK and across the Atlantic, but first, there was the…

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The Painter of the Future

We're 10% of the way through 2023, but still feeling the chill of winter, of course, so I hope the bright red, above, warms you up a bit! It’s a…

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Master Watercolour, book by David Chandler, published by TATE

Master Watercolour

David’s book Tate: Master Watercolour is available now from all good bookshops, both on and offline!

Wow. I am thoroughly enjoying your book… C.H. Wiltshire

…a great studio companion…L.P. Wiltshire

…just oozing with inspiration! R.O. Somerset

“Such a wonderful book!”  R.G. California

Read more…

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