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In 2017, David and his partner, Petra, hiked the Camino del Norte, one of the old pilgrim routes across northern Spain.

Join David on a painter’s journey from Irún on the French border to Fisterra on the west coast via Santiago de Compostela. Each week, we study a stage from this legendary pilgrim route – coastline, valleys, mountains, towns and villages –  improving on our painting & drawing skills as we go.

When you register, you will receive a link with which to gain access to the reference images and materials for the event.

‘David I have loved your afternoon journeys, thank you for being such an entertaining guide and artist’ M.P. Somerset


How do I access the course?

When you contact David to register your interest, you will receive a link and passcode for the next session. Sessions are on the Zoom platform, every Tuesday at 2pm.

I’m a complete beginner. Will I be out of my depth?

Paint Your Way is an art experience and travelogue combined, rather than a step-by-step course and is designed to enthuse the absolute beginner as well as challenge the more experienced artist. Everyone is encouraged to put their own interpretation on each topic we cover, but if you’d rather just watch that’s fine too!

What materials and equipment do I need?

David is happy to give advice about materials for each stage, but you are encouraged to work in the medium that interests you. Sometimes, he’ll be using watercolour, other times acrylic or ink or just plain pencil. He also likes to mix things up with collage! The only medium he’ll be steering clear of is oil because it takes too long to dry.

Will we only be painting landscapes?

Landscape is a big part of the Camino experience, but we’ll be looking at all sorts of subjects along the way, so expect seascapes, still-life, figures, portraits, animals and abstracts as well!

How can I view and download the images we’ll be using?

There are two ways to do this. One is via a link to a Dropbox folder, which is just like a folder on your computer and which will contain all the files you’ll need for the session. The other is a passcode to a Google Classroom which, once again, will contain all the necessary images files. Google Classroom also allows David to provide participants with more detailed information and allows you to upload your own work for feedback and to view work uploaded by other participants. Please note, you will need to register a Google account to use this extra facility.

How can I get some feedback on my own work?

David will provide feedback during the session but also via Google Classroom once each session is over.

How many stages are there?

40! Although Paint Your Way will run for no more than 5 consecutive weeks at a time. David and Petra completed the 920km Camino from Irún to Fisterra via Santiago De Compostela in 40 stages over seven weeks and it is his intention to paint or draw at least one image from every stage, over the next year.

Does it matter if I miss a stage?

Not a bit. Paint Your Way will cover a wide range of art topics and you will still benefit even if you are unable to attend every session.

How do I sign up for the next stage?

When the next stage is ready, you will automatically be sent all the necessary links to access it.

I have a question that isn’t on you FAQ’s! How do I get in touch?

Send David an email!


Online Zoom event

Tuesdays, 2pm to 4pm
commences: 9 November

Sessions: 5 consecutive sessions
(sessions 16 to 20 of 40)

2022 dates TBA

Cost: FREE

To enrol on this course please contact David

If you’d like to make a donation to help cover costs, please click the button

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